Drop13 LBS - Coming Soon!!!


Shirts come in a Technical Shirt with a design similar to the medal.

Medals are full color solid medals. The medal is a 3" medal with a full color ribbon. These are a full color diecast medal. Though medals are not dated each year we do a new medal design to get.

We are new to the virtual racing world and have elected to provide a generic bib number included in your race fee. We feel this saves you some on registration fees and saves us. Custom Tyvek bibs with your name printed on them can be sent for a $4 upgrade fee.


Register for Race(s)


  • Not only do we offer Best prices on Virtual Races but we give the Top 3 Male and Female finishers get a plaque with your name, race name, and place on it. Please be honest in your time reporting so you do not steal another persons top plaque. Top Awards and results are compiled on race day. Though you can still run a race after the date you cannot upload your results after which will preclude you from Top 3 Award Plaques. This helps us to send one set of awards and gives the racer a deadline to win the race.


  • Results must be submitted after registration. Our online registration system allows racers to edit their registration. In order to prevent racers from submitting results when they did not register. We have them go into their registration after they race and edit their post results tab.

    To post your results click above RESULTS then Upload Your Results.

    Results will be posted (4) days after the race date. An email will be sent to all racers letting them know the results are posted. Racers will have (7) days to send in edits or contest results. (14) days after the race plaques will be sent to the Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female winners. No Age group awards.

    All Shirts, Medals and Bib Numbers will be sent (4) days post race date. If you register after the race to still get your medal and shirt these items will be sent once every (2) weeks on the 1st and 15th of the month. (Example: If you register on the 30th of the month you will get it sent on the 1st. If you register on 2nd it will be sent on the 15th of the month.)